About Global Bright Futures

Global Bright Futures – are sustainable business consultants who believe sustainability should be embedded into all commercial businesses and that sustainability needs to be simple, accessible and right for your business. We help make sustainability in your business relevant to your customers, your teams, your investors and your shareholders, and show how it can make a difference to how you can operate commercially, successfully and sustainably.

We use our extensive experience, expertise and knowledge on sustainability and commercial business to help you achieve this wherever you are on your journey and however large or small your business may be. Global Bright Futures offers services as the External Sustainability Team for SME’s and smaller organisations who may not yet have the resource for their own sustainability team, as well as an additional team resource for established sustainability internal teams that need additional expertise. Global Bright Futures work with businesses across several sectors and industries including fashion & textiles, sustainable raw materials sourcing and supply chains, hospitality, interiors, sports, accessories.

Global Bright Futures have created GBF Sustainability Events to offer a new style of boutique sustainability conference for the sectors we work with. We have identified a need for sustainability events that can help businesses embrace all of the relevant aspects of sustainable business for their own business future, and to bring more clarity to what sustainable businesses means at a time when many sectors and supply chains are looking to change the way they do business. The future consumer and attitudes towards sustainability are changing rapidly too.

Why you & your organisation should register your interest to hear more about GBF Sustainability Events?

  • Sustainability is now on every business sector agenda, including your supply chains.
  • Whatever the size of your business, you can gain insight and knowledge on innovative ways of transforming your own business for the better and learn more about the challenges and opportunities.
  • The whole business landscape is changing and so are customer’s expectations. Sustainability and Sustainable Business listings are now extensively searched for when looking for products in fashion, interiors, lifestyle as well as travel, accommodation, and hospitality experiences by Millennials and Generation Z, the largest group of future consumers, and this is predicted to grow.
  • The future consumer is changing – they are looking for fashion, textiles, interiors, accommodation, travel, eating & drinking, products & experiences that are environmentally and socially responsible and are looking beyond the label for information and for the story behind businesses that resonates with their values.
  • Show that your business is serious about sustainability, become a part of GBF Sustainability Events network – by registering your interest to attend one of our boutique sustainability events where you will be able to meet, network and discuss with others what is on the horizon with relevance to your business.
  • We want to hear from you, so please register your interest on our Contact us page. If you wish to indicate which event areas you are interested in attending in future which are on our horizon, Fashion, Interiors, Hospitality, Sports, Water, please add this into the message box, then we can keep you updated and informed.


  • Glossary

    Our Glossary Guide of Sustainable Business Definitions

    Global Bright Futures have created this Glossary Guide of Sustainable Business Definitions for the most widely used terms in sustainability and for sustainable business. This list is compiled from the terms that are the most used words or phrases that we are most often asked about. We know that not everyone in business has come across many of these terms, so we have listed...
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  • Hotel

    Is your vacation sustainable?

    As consumers turn to experiences and travelling in preference to consumerism and the ownership of things, what effects and impacts is tourism or ‘over- tourism’ having on the environmental, social and eco systems of global tourist destinations? How are these impacts costed and measured and who is ultimately paying the costs of these impacts? Increasingly, a new consumer base has emerged in the past...
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