Join us at

‘The Sustainability Symposium - Hospitality’

Global Bright Futures welcomes you to join us for a spectacular full day at our
Sustainability in Hospitality Symposium on the 5th March 2020.

This unique boutique event is tailored to provide an opportunity for businesses involved in all aspects of the hospitality arena to come together and be inspired by engaging speakers on actions, ideas, trends and their own experiences on transforming their businesses to becoming more sustainable. You will hear some of the challenges faced and some dips in the road along the journey, and you will leave inspired by the opportunities and positive actions you can take and the bright future ahead that becoming more sustainable can hold for your business. You will learn how sustainability enhances your business reputation as well as how your clients, customers, consumers will benefit.


  • Jes Rutter

    Jes Rutter – Speaker announcement

    Jes Rutter – Managing Director JRP Solutions & Chair of the ESTA Independent Energy Consultants Group is speaking at The Sustainability Symposium-Hospitality, sharing his wealth of expertise. As a recognised UK expert and energy specialist, Jes will be speaking at this unique sustainability conference on ESOS -What Next? and sharing his knowledge and some case studies on behaviour change and the energy conscious organisation....
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  • Ruth Wood

    Ruth Wood – Speaker announcement

    Ruth Wood, HR Director at Shiva Hotels, and Chair for the Anti-Trafficking Committee at Shiva Hotels is speaking at The Sustainability Symposium-Hospitality 2020, sharing her experience and expertise on tackling modern slavery and human trafficking in the Hotel Industry. Read more
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  • Richard Hammond

    Richard Hammond – Speaker announcement

    Richard Hammond, Executive Producer and Founder of Greentraveller Productions will be speaking at The Sustainability Symposium-Hospitality 2020 about his experiences as a journalist, filmmaker and storyteller. He will share how sustainability in travel and hospitality is now viewed through a media lens, and how behaviour and attitudes in sustainable travel and tourism have changed and is continuing to do. We are absolutely delighted to...
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